Silicon Magnetic Forming Machine.

Silicon Magnetic Forming Machine





Product introduction

The system is a high density of magnetic forming apparatus which can respond to the variety of needs from customers by programmable PC controlling of the three factors, temperature, magnetic force and road.

Especially, it is optimized for magnetic silicon forming process by adapting our core technology of programmable temperature control and rapid cooling function. In addition, an automatic loading and unloading of the product can improve productivity and completeness while reduce existing cost and time.

Main Specification content

Magnetic pole size 150 ~ 300mm
Generated magnetic field strength 20,000G ~ 30,000G
Magnetic pole interval 0 ~ 100mm lower magnetic pole position variable automatic control system
Uniformity less than 2% at Gap 25mm diameter 100mm center
Maximum Voltage 90VDC
Current 60A
Cooling system water-cooled 8LPM (used transformer oils)
Forming load Maximum 3t
Power system pulsating manner / bipolar power supply(optional)
Heating/Cooling Product heating and cooling functions(temperature=150degrees) programmable control


  • Semiconductor silicon rubber forming
  • Magnetic forming apparatus for electronic parts
  • Utilizing as magnetic-analysis device for parts

Operating video

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