Auto Part Handling System.

Auto Part Handling System

Fast and Precise Parts Alignment Parts Aligning for Inspection as well as Assembly Process, Increasing Production Efficiency

The miniaturization of products in the market are accelerating with the technological advances, further increasing the demand for micro-miniature parts.
Estimated 70-80% of problems experienced by automated assembly occur in the parts supplying unit.
In order to supply the miniature parts efficiently and successfully, the key remains in the supplying during assembly.
The Parts Aligner applies various types of vibrations to the custom pallets aligning few hundred to several tens thousands of randomly supplied parts in predetermined positions as well as orientation.
As the demand for semi-conductor parts grew, the need for a more efficient parts aligner became a necessity for the product manufacturers. The Part Aligner is used especially in preparing the packaging process such as the hermetic seal, leads and base soldering and printing process for silicon diode, transistors, and quartz crystal units. This machine is the key to aligning large quantities of micro miniature parts in a small amount of time.

Not only can the pallets on the MRV be used to inspect and prepare for the assembly process, they can also be used to directly assemble using multiple pallets.
MRV is ideal for mass production and or a variety of small production due to the versatility and the compatibility.
This allows the manufacturers to drastically reduce the costs, by decreasing the number of operators required for the assembly preparation process.

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