Ultra-precision environment control solution

We develop component and equipment to accurately control temperature and humidity according to ultra-precision environment solution required from R&D, fabrication in semi-conductor industries, Medical equipment, MEMS etc.

Probing Solutions

By technical tie-up with Apollowave(Japan), Humott is able to provide various solution not only a Probe card to measure Low Leakage, High-Power but also Probe System. Also, as a total probing solution company we can measure environment such as High-temperatureㆍa high degree vaccum in super low temperature.

Micro Part Handling Solution

Humott independently designed an aligner Jig for micro component automatic aligner by technical tie-up with Japanese expert company and finally we succeeded to develop the world’s first MEMS Probe Automatic aligner.


Humott News

We supplied SEMI AUTO PROBE STATION to WISOL, a RF Chip manufactural for R&D in Korea.
Built an automatic linkage Measurement System between Semi Auto Probe Station and Network Analyzer device.  ...
Developed 1/1,000 temperature measurement and control device
Humott, a professional super precision environment control solution company, has developed 1/1,000 temperature measurement and control device....

Why Humott?

We provide a resolution for ultra-precision temperature control of 0.001℃ and also provide Temperature/ humidity control technology in a variety of applications.
Technically tied-up with Apollowave enable us to provide various solution responding to High-Power, High-Frequency, High-Temperature.
We fabricate jigs and supply automatic aligning solutions of MEMS parts/micro parts through a technology partnership with Japanese expert company.

Humott Clients

JAPAN Fluid Control
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